Yoga Holiday Package

A Blend Of Yoga, Nature, And Cultural Experiences

Yoga Holiday Package

Program Info

At Nepal Yoga Academy we offer personalized retreat packages to fit your needs and schedule. Set in the hills, surrounded by the jungle and overlooking the beautiful Kathmandu Valley. Enjoy yoga, meditation, mantra chanting, spa services, hikes, sightseeing, and more. Experience a yogic peace of mind in attractive packages fitted specifically for you.

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Holiday Highlights

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    Energize and transform at the retreat through serene surroundings, guided practices, and a communal atmosphere. Rediscover vitality and deeper self-connection on your journey.


    Our retreat center offers a peaceful environment to invigorate, relax, and energize.

  • Nepal Nature

    While relaxation is the focus of this retreat, you will also have the opportunity for light excursions and exploration in the local area.

  • Meditation

    Immerse yourself in mindfulness and meditation sessions to help you gain perspective on your upcoming journey and promote mental clarity.

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    Our experienced instructors will lead yoga and stretching sessions designed to strengthen the physical body, enhance flexibility, and foster balance.

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    Enjoy nourishing and delicious meals prepared with fresh, locally sourced organic ingredients.

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    In comfortable Western-style accommodations, you can enjoy Ayurvedic treatments, steam/sauna baths, massages, and healing therapies.

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    Begin your retreat with activities designed to invigorate, relax, and energize.


  • Daily Morning and Evening yogic practices such as Nasal Cleansing (Jala Neti), Asana, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation/Relaxation sessions
  • Sound Healing session
  • Everyday 3 Healthy Vegetarian/Vegan meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Spa Service (Steam/Sauna/Massage)
  • Unlimited Herbal Tea
  • Filtered Drinking Water
  • Free Internet

Note: Sirodhara (Oil pouring onto the head), and Deep Tissue Massage (90minutes) can be arranged on request with an additional charge.


  • The retreat package does not include transportation costs to/from the airport.
  • Additional night stays at the retreat are not included in the package.
  • Meals outside the retreat are not included in the package.
  • Any expenses incurred while you are outside the retreat will be at your own cost.


Beautifully crafted leather products.

Day 1 (Check-in Day)

  • Check-in anytime after 1:00 pm
  • Welcome with tea and a short briefing about the schedule
  • Evening yogic practices at 5:15 PM
  • Relaxation/meditation session
  • Dinner at 7:00 PM
  • Bedtime follows dinner.

6.30 AM – 7.00 AM


7.00 AM – 7.15 AM

Jala Neti & Tea

7.15 AM – 8.00 AM


8.00 AM – 8.15 AM

Tea Break

8.15 AM – 9.30 AM

Asana Session

9.45 AM – 10.30 AM

Yogic Breakfast

10.30 AM – 1.00 PM

Other Activities

1.00 PM – 2.00 PM


2.00 PM – 3.00 PM

Relaxation time

3.00 PM – 5.00 PM

Other Activities

5.00 PM – 5.15 PM

Tea Time

5.15 PM – 6.45 PM

Evening Asana and Relaxation/meditation

7.00 PM – Onward

Dinner and Bedtime

Schedule for your Last Day

6:30 AM


7:00 AM

Jala neti nasal cleanse & tea break

7:15 AM

Pranayama class

8:00 AM

Tea break

8:15 AM

Yoga asana session

9:30 AM


Prepare for your next journey

12:00 PM Check-out and farewell

Schedule Disclaimer: Please note that the schedule is subject to change. The daily plan mentioned above is a suggested guideline and can be adjusted as per needs.

Accommodation Types

Immerse yourself in serenity at our retreat, nestled in the captivating Sanku valley surrounded by mountains. Choose from Bamboo Cottages, Standard Rooms, Panoramic Deluxe Rooms, or Panoramic Suite Rooms, each offering stunning views of the valley, dancing clouds, shimmering sunlight, and lush greenery for a truly tranquil experience.

Bamboo Cottage Room

Size: 12 m2

  • Spacious Rooms
  • two separate single beds
  • attached spacious bathrooms
  • Hot and Cold Shower

Standard Room

Size: 18 m2

  • Spacious Rooms
  • Two large size beds
  • Attached spacious bathrooms
  • Comfortable Study Table + Chair
  • Hot and Cold Shower
  • Panoramic view from the window

Panoramic Deluxe Room

Size: 24 m2

  • Spacious Room
  • Two large size Bed / KING Size Bed
  • Comfortable Study Table + Chair
  • Attached spacious bathrooms
  • Hot and Cold Shower
  • Tea Making Facility
  • Panoramic view from window / Balcony
  • Air Condenser

Panoramic Suite

Size: 36 m2

  • Spacious Room with Sofa Set
  • KING Size Bed
  • Comfortable Study Table + Chair 
  • Attached spacious bathrooms
  • Hot and Cold Shower
  • Induction Cooking Facility and Tea Making Set
  • Panoramic view from window / Double Balcony
  • Air Condenser

Costs and Dates

Choose Your Suitable Package

Up to 3-Nights Stay: Starts at $70/night per person

Types of Accommodation

 Single Occupancy

 Double Occupancy

Bamboo Cottage

 70 US$

110 US$

Standard Room

75 US$

120 US$

Panoramic Deluxe

85 US$

140 US$

Panoramic Suite

95 US$

160 US$

Serene Stay (4-6 nights): Starts at $65/night per person

Types of Accommodation

 Single Occupancy

 Double Occupancy

Bamboo Cottage

65 US$

100 US$

Standard Room

70 US$

110 US$

Panoramic Deluxe

80 US$

130 US$

Panoramic Suite

90 US$

140 US$

Ultimate Retreat (7+ nights): Starts at $60/night per person

Types of Accommodation

 Single Occupancy

 Double Occupancy

Bamboo Cottage

60 US$

90 US$

Standard Room

65 US$

100 US$

Panoramic Deluxe

75 US$

120 US$

Panoramic Suite

85 US$

130 US$

Note: All prices are inclusive of taxes.

Yoga Holiday Package can be booked any time of the year, however, some activities may be seasonal, please inquire when booking!


The weather in the retreat varies from season to season. It gets quite cold in December, January, and February, especially in the mornings and evenings. The summer (March – June) months are warm and breezy. The rainy season (July – September) will be warm weather with occasional rain showers. Nepal has an electricity ration and scheduled power cuts are often. So,

We recommend the following:

  • Warm clothing for evenings and mornings (winter)
  • Warm socks and hat (winter)
  • Waterproof walking shoes and outdoor wear (winter and rainy season)
  • Sandals for around the retreat
  • A warm cardigan or blanket/shawl for meditation
  • A head lamp and batteries or flashlight
  • Conservative dress for temple visits; Ideally cotton conservative dress for yoga (avoid crop tops and low cut tops, shorts, and see-through clothing)
  • A refillable water bottle/thermos (drinking water and tea available on site)
  • An open mind
  • Personal medical kit
  • Mosquito and bug repellents (summer and rainy season)
  • Personal toiletries

Helpful Tips Before You Arrive

Customize Your Retreat Experience: Applicable For 4+ days Only!


Choose Your Stay Duration

Select the number of days and nights that suit your schedule.


Select Daily Activities

Pick your most favorite activity from our daily selection for each day of your stay.


Let Us Know Your Preferences

• Specify your chosen stay duration and preferred activities when making your booking.
• Let us know your favorite activities inside the package, we will be more than happy to customize it for you.


Flexibility and Alternatives

While we’ll do our best to fulfill all your requests, we cannot guarantee it. In case of any limitations, we’ll provide suitable alternatives for your consideration.

Code of conduct

Like you, our other guests and students come to our retreat to recharge, meditate, practice yoga & meditation, study, find peace, and relax. To make the most of your stay, we ask that you carefully read our code of conduct so that all guests and students have the most serene and tranquil experience at Nepal Yoga Academy. We ask that you offer the love and respect you wish in return. We hope you have a pleasant stay.


Yes, visitors are welcome but visitors’ fees are charged for the visit.

You can extend your stay, however, the additional night fees will be charged.
Yes. Let us know what you are allergic to and we will provide you meals according to it.
It’s up to you. We suggest you stick to the diet we provide here if you want to have the maximum benefit of this healing package.

You can book any time if there is availability.