Pada Prasara Paschimottanasana


Seated Asanas

Pada Prasara Paschimottanasana

Legs Spread Back Stretch Pose


Meaning: pada = leg / prasara = extending


Sit in Dandasana (Staff Pose) - spine straight and upright, hands at your sides, extend legs forward, feet together. Inhale, exhale, and relax.

Getting into position

Spread the legs as wide as possible (without bending knees). Move your buttocks back slightly. Using your hands, push your legs out a little farther. Point toes. Sit for a few moments to allow your legs and hips to adjust. Place hands in front of you. Inhale. Exhaling, move your buttocks back a little more and keep your spine straight. Lean forward slightly and walk your hands forward one at a time. Relax your legs for a few more seconds. Inhale. Exhaling, try to walk farther and rest your chest and chin (or forehead) on the floor. Flatten the spine. For final position, reach hands to grab your big toes. Hold with normal breathing for around 30 seconds.

Coming out of position

Slightly relax the body. Release your hands from your toes. Very carefully, walk your hands back one at a time towards you and slowly lift your torso upright to a sitting position. Slowly, release your legs and bring them back to the starting position. Inhale, exhale, and relax.


  • Try to keep the spine and legs straight (the back of the legs in contact with the floor) throughout the practice.
  • Do not bend knees and do not hunch while bending forward.
  • Allow time for legs to adjust at each step of the practice.
  • Always go into and out of position with the support of your hands and bend with control.

Reproductive Health:



If you have herniated (slipped) disc; or sciatic nerve or back problems.

Be careful

If you have high blood pressure; neck, shoulder, back, or knee issues.



  • Opens the chest.
  • stretches upper back, spine, buttocks, pelvis, hips, hamstrings, and inner thighs.
  • Regulates menstrual flow and stimulates the ovaries.
  • Increases blood flow to the torso and head.


Helps to relieve symptoms from diabetes; improves fertility and relieves fatigue and anxiety.

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