Parivritta Baddha Trikonasana


Standing Asanas

Parivritta Baddha Trikonasana

Revolved Bound Triangle Pose


Meaning: parivritta = revolved / baddha = bound / trikon = triangle

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Stand upright with legs together, relaxed shoulders, arms at your sides. Inhale, exhale, and relax.

Getting into position

Inhale. Exhaling, step your feet one at a time out to the side, about two and a half shoulder widths apart. Turn your right foot about 45 degrees inward and your left foot toward the front of your mat. Align the heels. Inhaling, raise your arms up out to the sides, parallel to the floor, palms facing down. Exhaling, bend the left knee to about 90 degrees and lean the torso over the left knee (lower the right knee to the floor if needed). Inhale. Exhaling, twist the torso toward the left knee and bring the right elbow outside the front thigh, bringing the shoulder as close to the knee as possible. Wrap the left arm around your back and your right arm under your left thigh. Hold for a few moments to allow the body to adjust. Inhale. Exhaling, twist deeper to bring hands closer to each other. Inhale. Exhaling, adjust as needed and hook the hands together. Straighten the left leg (straighten the right leg back up off the floor if lowered). Keep both legs strong and straight. Look to the side or upward. Hold with normal breathing for as long as comfortable.

Coming out of position

Slightly relax the body. Inhale. Exhaling, bend the left knee slightly, carefully release the hands, and untwist the torso. Bring your torso upright and straighten the left leg. Step back into the starting position. Inhale, exhale, and relax. Repeat on the other side.


  • Focus on twisting the abdomen with the spine, trying to get the abdomen outside of the thigh. To twist farther, do so while exhaling and sucking the abdomen in to create more space.
  • Keep the spine from tailbone to neck as straight as possible without hunching.
  • Keep the sole (bottom) of the rear foot on the floor in this position.
  • Roll the top shoulder backward to reach the rear arm farther around.



If you have herniated (slipped) disc, abdominal hernia, or chronic/serious wrist, shoulder, or spinal problems .

Be careful

If you get dizzy easily, have high or low blood pressure, or have shoulder, back, or knee issues.



  • Opens the chest.
  • Twists the spine. Stretches arms and shoulders.
  • Strengthens hands, arm, shoulder, back, glute, thigh, and calf muscles.
  • Improves body posture, rounded shoulders, flat feet, digestion, balance, and concentration.


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