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Supine Asanas


Fish Pose

(mat-sya-sun )

Meaning: matsya = fish

Table of content

Spinal Movements:

Pain Management:


Sit in Padmasana (Lotus Pose), place the palms by the sides of the hips with the fingers pointing forward. Inhale, exhale and relax.

Getting into position

Inhale. Exhaling, lift, and open the chest up. Place hands behind your hips, bend, and lower the elbows to the floor, at the sides, one at a time. Inhale. Exhaling, arch, and lower the back toward the floor. Arch your back as much as possible, reduce the head backward, and rest the crown of the lead on the floor. Hold the big toes with your fingers, and place elbows on the floor. Hold for a few moments to allow the body to adjust. Inhale. Exhaling, arch your back more by using your elbows for support and pushing your knees downward. Hold with normal breathing for around 30 seconds.

Coming out of position

Slightly relax the body. Release your hands from your toes. Shrug your shoulders to bring elbows and hands closer to your head. Exhale. Inhaling, press with your arms to lift the crown off the floor. Shifting your components one at a time, push your torso backward into Padmasana, and uncross the legs one at a time. Inhale, exhale and relax.


  • Avoid over bending/straining your neck. If needed, place a rolled-up towel under your neck.
  • Place the crown on a soft surface (not directly on a hard floor) to avoid excess pressure.
  • Keep the whole back arched (especially the upper back) and chest open.
  • Tuck your tailbone if you have excess pressure on your lower back.



If you have chronic/serious neck problems.

Be careful

If you have high blood pressure, heart disease, any serious illness, serious low back or neck issues.



  • Stretches the chest, throat, and pelvis.
  • Relieves stiffness in the neck, back, and shoulders; improves spinal flexibility.
  • Strengthens the back.
  • Corrects round shoulders.
  • Stimulates the intestines and abdominal organs.
  • Relieves constipation.


Relieves anxiety and fatigue; useful for asthma sufferers.


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